Land of Heritage, Land of Heritage - Halong Vietnam, My Son, Hoian, Phong Nha Ke Bang

There are 5 world `s heritage sites in Vietnam. They are really treasures of world culture. Pls.come to explore...


Halong Bay is only 155 km away from the capital and it takes about nearly 3 hours to ride. Located in the Northeast; Halong annually attracts about 90% visits coming to Vietnam. It is a bay in the Guft of Tonkin; including Halong City; Campha Town; and Vandon Island District. It borders the main land; East Sea in the East; Catba Island in the Southeast. It has nearly 2000 islands and islets; all of which are limestone and dolomites with lots of grottoes. And most of islands here take names from their shapes; such as: Dragon Island; Human Head Island; male and female Chicken Island… Coming here; tourists will be astonished; excited because it’s magnificent; vivid with strong waves; high mountains but very romantic and mild sight as well.


Hue is the capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen dynasty from 1802 to 1945. It is now considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam. There is no place in Vietnam that you still can find as many historical vestiges as you can in this ancient capital city.On the northern bank of the Perfume River; there are lots of palaces including over 100 architecture works well-reflecting lives of the Kings and mandarins under the Nguyen reign. And in the southern bank of the river; there are many King tombs of which the most famous are 4 tombs of Gia Long; Tu Duc; Minh Mang and Khai Dinh. It is so interesting to take a boat tripping along Perfume River to enjoy its peace. You can also stop at Hue’s unofficial symbol -the Heaven Lady Pagoda which is a Buddhist monastery. There you can also see the car driven by a monk to Saigon in 1963 to protest the South Vietnam regime and its treatment to Buddhism.Hue is also where the royal music was formed. And coming here; visitors will also have chances to taste Hue cuisine; considered to be one of the best in Vietnam. Hue was honored to be the World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.


Located about 30km Southern away from Danang; lying on the bank of Thu Bon River; Hoi An is one of the most attractive; characteristic places in  Vietnam. Formerly known as Faifo; Hoi An was one the busiest trade centers in Southeast Asia area where merchants from Europe; China; the Middle East and Japan gathered to sell their goods from 16th century to 19th century. It is on the famous silk route linking China with the Far East. Remnants of these past traders are still able to be seen here with different types of historical sites including bridges; tombs; private houses; community halls; temples; pagodas... Houses along narrow streets here are distinct with low roofs; colorful wooden doors windows shuttle and ornamental furniture. Visitors coming here can make a visit to lots of relics such as: Sa Huynh; Cham...It is also a good place to go shopping because there are full of shops selling artwork; souvenir statues; ceramic plates; antique bowls; quality garments...


My Son locates about 68kms away from Danang. It was one of the most important Holy lands of Cham people under the Cham Dynasty from the late of 4th century to 12th century. There are a lot of religious relics here including temples; towers known as the best collection of Cham art and architecture. Each tower worships a genie or king of different dynasty of Cham and each one has different style; such as: the ancient style in the 7th-8th centuries; the Hoa Lai style of the 8th-9th centuries; the Dong Duong style from the mid-9th century; the My Son and My Son-Binh Dinh style… But all of them comprise 3 parts: solid power base; the mysterious and sacred tower body and the tower top. Though there have been lots of monuments being destroyed by war; thieves or fire; but the remaining now covered with dense vegetable is still considerable and it’s really worthy to come here to make an exploration.                                     


“The World first-class grotto”; It is Phong Nha. Lied on the Truong Son range in Quang Binh province; Phong Nha; with its marvelous beauty is considered by Viet people to be their Holy Land. More than 95% of the area is limestone formations; grottoes and caves. Tourists coming here will have chances to make surprising; fascinating explorations to Dragon Mouth which once you pass; you can see rows of stalactites high above your heads from which “sacred milks” dropping unceasingly; or Hang Pagoda is made with stalactites running from the grottoes’ ceiling to floor; which are considered “the universal axes” that link heaven and hell…in Phong Nha cave known as the most beautiful here. Phong Nha also has a very attractive primitive tropical forest with a diverse ecosystem. Here houses various kinds of animals and plants concluding about 32 kinds mentioned in Vietnam Red Book and other 16 kinds in the World Red Book.Phong Nha surely satisfies who interested in historical relics with Kinh Ham Ham Nghi’s base; Xuan Son ferry station; Cham ethnic minority’s script…