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Qui Nhon Hotel & Resorts

(+849) 0418.6939 - (+849) 1232.6176
Rate from: US$40.00
Saigon - Qui Nhon Hotel covers an area of 4, 300m2, is located in city central and across from the beautiful Quy Nhon beach in the East Sea Area of Vietnam, merely 40 minutes drive from the Phu Cat Airport...
Rate from: US$95.00
Life Resort Quy Nhon is a 16 km scenic drive from the town set on an exceptionally beautiful private sandy beach with stunning views over an expansive bay and two uninhabited islands, which belong to the resort...
Rate from: US$63.00
The harmonious combination of nature and contemporary architectures makes Hoang Anh-Quy Nhon Resort an attractive place to stay. Widen in an area of 45, 000 square meters, nestled along the sandy beach of Quy Nhon...