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A new day dawns on Cua Dai Beach

As Cua Dai Beach near the ancient town of Hoi An is pretty quiet in the early morning, it is preferred by tourists who want to experience the fresh breeze of the ocean and take a stroll on smooth white-sand stretches when a new day begins.

Tourists can come to the pristine Cua Dai Beach on foot or by cycling through four kilometers from the heart of Hoi An to the beach located on the outskirts of the city nestled by Hoai River and surrounded with rustic nature.

A leisurely walk and a swim in the calm turquoise waters are what locals often like to do. Travelers can follow suit or do their own thing to welcome a new day, as the tree-lined wide beach and small waves make it suitable for recreational activities.

Local men play football and then jump into the sea for a refreshing bath, while elderly people exercise in front of the sea or soak themselves in the water as they believe salt water is good for their health at the beginning of a day.

Some tourists take a relaxed walk along Cua Dai Beach for their morning exercise and at the same time observe the life of local people by the sea at daybreak, which includes watching fishing boats coming onshore and fishermen selecting fish, seafood and other rewards after a night of hard work at sea. Near the shore, fishermen row some thuyen thung (a basket-like bamboo boat) on gentle waves to catch fish and seafood before the sun rises high in the blue sky. The picture of thuyen thung swaying on the sea and the pinky sky and clouds at dawn makes for a beautiful sight as the new day begins by the coast.

At the beach at Victoria Hoi An Resort and Spa, staff members lead buffalo out to help with the clean-up at the beginning of a day and to plough the sand to make it soft for guests to walk on. This plowing also reminds tourists of a similar scene that they may see in the rice paddy fields of rural areas of Vietnam.

There are tourists, particularly children who take great pleasure in building sandcastles, and doing this in the early morning on Cua Dai Beach is the best time as the sandcastles can stand out on the beach that is leveled when the tide recedes.

Some newly-married choose Cua Dai Beach for their wedding pictures in the early morning because the mountains, islets, old and modern boats add to a perfect background for shots of the happy couple. (Source: SGT)

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