A Highlight Of Ha Tien

A Highlight Of Ha Tien

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Mui Nai Beach in Ha Tien Town is one of the three most precious beaches in the Mekong Delta.

Three hundred years ago, Mui Nai became famous for its beauty thanks to the clean and peaceful seawater on its shores, and is considered one of the 10 scenic spots in Ha Tien today. For years, Mui Nai has attracted numerous visitors. Once tourists arrive, they are eager to visit Ta Pang Mountain area.

Sipping a cup of coffee on the observatory atop Ta Pang Mountain, guests will enjoy a superb panoramic view with one of three telescopes. Through the telescope, tourists will see Ha Tien Town, To Chau Mountain, the front beach of Mui Nai, the archipelagos of Ba Lua and Hai Tac, Luc Son Mountain, and even the islands of Koka and Kep as well as the Ha Tien-Vegas Resort of Cambodia’s Kampot Province.

Thrill-seekers can go up and down along the mountain path via the pipeline coaster system. They will sit in a car traveling on a 1,250-meter-track from a height of 128 meters at a maximum speed of 40km/h. The car zigzags along the slopes and sometimes inclines 45 degrees down the pipeline.

Tourists can also choose cable cars to go up the mountain while go down via the pipeline coasters. On the way up or down, vacationers will have the chance to contemplate the scenery, breathe the sea air and the fragrance of the paddy fields. From the mountaintop looking toward the sea, Ta Bang resembles a charming fawn lying by the golden sparkling ocean. From this vantage point, one can see Hai Tac Archipelago and emerald Phu Quoc Island in the distance.

Toward the mainland highlights of the view include the serene lighthouse on Den Mountain, the stately international border gate Xa Xia, roads winding around the mountainand houses hidden in the middle of paddy fields and green orchards.

Legend has it that once upon a time, there was a holy fawn which often drank water in this immense land. One day, struck by the beauty of the beach and finding it too late to go back to the forest, he had to stay there. Suddenly, the choppy waves appeared and the fawn was transformed into a big rock standing at the seaside.

Traveling along the roads by the seaside and breathing in the sea breeze, visitors can enjoy a leisurely or brisk stroll. Apart from seaside activities, a museum, and palmyra cake bakeries to lure more tourists, Mui Nai-Ha Tien Travel Services Company is planning to launch new services such as tent rentals for tourists to hold picnics, camp-fire or karaoke activities with friends.

Tourists can rent a room with modern conveniences at the edge of the sea at a cost of between VND250,000 and VND500,000, and enjoy fresh air that they never find in modern urban areas. (Source: SGT)

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