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Primitive beauty in Tra Loc Lagoon

Quang Tri may have a military history but now it is a place where tourists seek some beautiful spots in the peaceful province - with Tra Loc Lagoon the number one destination.

The lagoon is in Tra Loc Hamlet, Hai Xuan Commune, Hai Lang District. From Quang Tri ancient citadel, tourists can find Tra Loc two different ways. The first is heading on National Highway 1 then turning left into the immense cajuput forest, the second method is by crossing over a canal located at the end of Quang Tri Township.

Some years ago local authorities in Hai Lang District concreted the path to the tourist site so travelers have an easier passage.

Thousands of cajuput trees jostle to reach the sky and their leaves weave together like house roofs that even sun rays find it hard to breach. The forest is home to many kinds of birds and every year the forest management releases numerous birds, snakes and animals into the forest.

Amidst the 100-hectare primeval forest, Tra Loc Lake lies gently among the vast sand area. The lake is about 10 hectares and has an abundance of fish. The lake is now a tranquil venue for tourists to sit and relax on grassplots, cottage houses or stilt houses along the lake as they take in the rustic scenery and fresh air. There is a bridge leading to a trap to catch fish, so guests can choose their desired fish then locals will make a meal on demand. There is also a bridge linking a canal to the lake, with immense rice fields and lotus ponds that will leave unforgettable memories for travelers.

Nature lovers will say Tra Loc is still keeping primitive beauty alive without too much intervention by humans. Meanwhile, there are those who want more investment in Tra Loc needs to offer more attractive tourist services to attract more visitors.

No matter on what side of the fence you are on, everyone is agreed that Tra Loc, which was in the past a military base, is now a gorgeous eco-tourist area awaiting your presence. (Source: SGT)

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