The cool mountain retreat near Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge – About 80 kilometers from Hanoi, Tam Dao Mountain is considered of Dalat of the North. Holiday-makers make the trip to escape the scorching heat of the city.


Mist settles on the town of Tam Dao that experiences four seasons in one day. (Photo: SGT)

Like the name Tam Dao, which means three islands, three mountains rise like islands in the clouds. The mountains named Ban Thach, Thien Nhi and Phu Nghia are 1, 300 meters above sea level.

Tam Dao has a wonderful climate with four seasons in a day.  It has spring in early morning when the area is draped in mist, summer sun at noon, autumn clouds and winds at sunset and a winter chill at night. Even when everyone in the North complains of 40 degree heat, Tam Dao still enjoys the cool temperatures that draw crowds of tourists from Hanoi.

Tam Dao is in the valley between the mountains. It is known for its splendid scenery. Stand at Cong Troi (The Gate of Heaven) and Bai Da (Rock Ledge) halfway up the mountain and see the town draped in mist and clouds.

Stroll around on foot to discover the secrets of Tam Dao. If you decide to climb the mountains the way is lined by wild flowers and there is plenty of birdlife.

Close to the top is Thuong Ngan Temple where you can burn incense, learn about the history of the temple and marvel at the old architecture.

For those who do not want to walk, motorbikes are available for hire.

Another tourist spot is Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall), located not too far from the center of the town. It can be reached by a trail through a valley. When the sun shines on the 30-meter fall it looks like a silver carpet. Rung Rinh Mountain has many types of old trees and wild fruit.

Tam Dao National Park is home to 2, 000 flora species and 840 species of animal, including many rare ones.

The local specialties include fish caught fresh from the streams, free range chickens and garden vegetables.