Vietnam Airlines to provide 30, 000 to help people get home for Tet

VietNamNet Bridge – The national flag air carrier has decided to provide 136 more flights during Tet days, providing 28, 800 more seats on domestic flights in an effort to ease the air ticket shortage.

The airline has said that in peak days between now until the end of February 28, 136 more flights will be provided on
the Hanoi – HCM City – Da Nang air routes. In particular there will be four more flights per day on Hanoi – HCM City – Hanoi, where 19, 500 seats more will be available. Meanwhile, two more flights per day will be provided on HCM City – Da Nang – HCM City, where 9, 300 more seats will be available According to Vietnam Airlines, the number of seats of the flights on Hanoi-HCM City will increase by 50 percent in comparison with ordinary days on the Lunar New Year of Tiger. In some peak days, the number of seats to be provided will increase by 100 percent, or 8, 200 seats per day for one way fly. As for the HCM City – Da Nang route, the number of seats to be available will increase by 68 percent in comparison with ordinary days.The number of seats will increase by 136 percent in highest peak days, or 3, 800 seats for one way fly. Vietnam Airlines expects to increase transport capacity by 28 percent this year on Hanoi-HCM City and 32 percent on HCM City-Da Nang. Vietnam Airlines has advised passengers to arrange travel plans to ensure they are present at the airport 2.30 hours before flights to ensure smooth check in. The new announcement of Vietnam Airlines has been applauded by passengers. A lot of them complained that they could not book tickets for flights on Tet, even though they tried to book tickets soon. Booking agents announced they ran out of tickets for short distance flights two months before Tet. Meanwhile, passengers found it very difficult to get tickets for the Hanoi-HCM City flights. Only Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar Pacific will provide flights during Tet, while Indochina Airlines has had its transport rights revoked, and it is unclear when the air carrier will get the transport rights again.