10 travel experiences you must try in Vietnam

For many people, traveling is not just about finding information, but about experiencing life. It seems that every land you go through always leaves in your soul a special feeling. Let's review some memorable experiences in Vietnam and check how many memories you have at that place.

10 travel experiences you must try in Vietnam

1. Watch the sunrise of Phu Yen
Located on a stretch of land protruding into the sea in Phu Yen, Mui Dai Lanh is the place that is affixed with the landmark "Place to receive the dawn on the mainland of Vietnam". Here, you can zoom your eyes to the horizon with the sea scenery in the beautiful dawn which captivates people.
2. Visit Vo Thi Sau’s tomb at Con Dao at 0 am
Coming to Con Dao, you will have the opportunity to learn about the prison system built by the French to detain extremely dangerous prisoners, bow to the ghosts of more than 20, 000 revolutionary soldiers in Hang Duong cemetery and light incense on the tomb of woman hero- Vo Thi Sau. Visiting Ms. Sau's tomb and lighting incense at the moment of transferring the new day is a familiar activity of tourists visiting Con Dao.
3. Climbing Fansipan peak - the roof of Indochina
Located at an altitude of 3, 143m above sea level, Fansipan is the conquering goal of many young adventurers who want to show their bravery and toughness. The feeling of touching the stainless steel tip with the words Fansipan and shouting on the "roof of Indochina" will dispel all tiredness on the past climbing journey. Along with that is the joy, the pride when you have overcome challenges to achieve what you want. The best time to conquer Fansipan is from October to November.
4. Ride a motorbike through Cam Ranh Bay - one of the most beautiful sea routes in the world
Making friends with a motorbike on one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world around Cam Ranh Bay (according to TripAdvisor reviews), you will have the opportunity to see the picturesque beauty of a coastal area... During your journey, you will be able to enjoy the view of the blue sea mixed with the sky, the white sand stretching next to the green meadow and wildflowers... if you are lucky, in some sections, you'll come across a herd of sheep and cows grazing on it - a beautiful image that you cannot ignore.
5. Explore Son Doong cave
Son Doong Cave (Quang Binh, Vietnam) is known as the largest natural cave in the world. With a height of over 200m, a wide of 150m, and at least 6.5km long with countless beautiful stalactite walls, Son Doong cave challenges adventurers to visit and conquer. According to National Geographic Magazine (USA): “There is a forest in the cave, big enough to contain a skyscraper in New York. And the end of the cave is endless”. This would surely inspire many explorers to come and explore this huge cave.

The tour is about 6 days with most of the time being walking and climbing in the cave. This will be an experience that challenges you for health and endurance that not everyone can perform.
6. Scuba diving in Phu Quoc - where there are beautiful coral reefs
Phu Quoc or Pearl Island is the largest island of Vietnam which has a pristine, gentle beauty with smooth white sand embracing the clear blue water. An interesting point that you definitely need to experience when coming here is diving into the sea to see the beautiful coral reef.

Feelings of seeing the brilliant beauty of the coral reefs in An Thoi Island - the island has a coral area of up to 360ha, or feelings of touching the colorful fish hovering next to you will give you many impressions.
7. Going to the Northern mountains in the season of ripe rice
For those who love the Northwest, the golden rice terraces will be a reward for those who cross the dangerous road to get there. The most beautiful areas recognized as national landscapes here are Nam Ty (Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang), Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai), and Sapa terraced fields! Remember! October is ripe rice season!
8. Overnight on Halong Bay
Voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World by New 7Wonders, Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh is a favorite destination for those who want to immerse themselves in nature. Lying on the deck of a large wooden ship hovering with the waves, you will be lost in the dreamland when watching the starry sky, holding the virtual mist, feeling the smell of salty seawater, exploring the work of nature... All will be an enjoyable experience for anyone who has the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful waters in the world.
9. Lying on boat watching Hoi An lantern on the full moon day
Known as the World Cultural Heritage, Hoi An night shows up with ancient, fanciful and enchanting beauty. Perhaps the image of the old town and lanterns has been seen by everyone. However, when lying on a boat and watching the shimmering old streets along the Hoai River, you will have a completely new feeling. The image is like a slow-motion movie: sparkling, vivid, dreamy, beautiful... Sometimes, if you have neck fatigue, face up to watch the full moon sky...

10. Visit the Mekong Delta in flood season
When the summer's scorching sun is no longer burning, the Mekong Delta enters the flooding season. Coming to the famous floating markets in the region such as Cai Rang, Cai Be... you will immerse yourself in the miniature world of the river with all kinds of garden products. Sometimes there is no need to buy goods, just watching mangoes, oranges, rambutan, dragon fruits... with full of colors. A cultural experience that comes from sounds, images, tastes and even scents... will help you "harvest" a lot in your journey of discovery.