5 issues to pay attention to when traveling with family to Vietnam

Family travel is completely different from individual travel because there are many different ages and generations to join. Therefore, a lot of things need to be noticed when planning for a family tour. This article lists the 5 major issues to pay attention to when planning to travel to Vietnam with family.

Family travel in Vietnam


1. Traveling Schedule

It is extremely important to plan accurately when traveling with your family. The schedule must be detailed every day, every hour, where to go, what to do, in order to avoid risks of money lost and health. For example, calculating the wrong landing time, then going out right after arriving hotel from the airport, which can make the schedule longer, the elderly and the younger may be tired.

In addition, the schedule should not be too dense if there are elderly people and babies in your family. Between destinations, there should be a break time for the elderly to adapt to the new place and rest after traveling by plane, bus, train, etc. You also need to pay attention to the weather at the destination to take care of relatives, such as carrying protective clothes, raincoats, or umbrellas.

2. Food and Drinks

Older people and children are people that need special attention to eating and drinking when traveling. On the plane, there are many airlines that offer special catering services for each subject such as children, dieters, diabetics, vegetarians... You can contact the airline in advance to ask and require if needed.

While traveling between destinations, bring water and snacks. You can buy snacks easily in grocery stores and supermarkets in Vietnam. For young children, depending on their age, parents prepare the appropriate food for them.

3. Transportation

Moving is also another issue to note. When flying, notify the airline in advance if there is an infant, an elderly person with mobility difficulties or people with disabilities in your family. The airline will prepare appropriate support equipment for these people.

If your family members have mobility difficulties, you should also arrange a suitable schedule and destinations accordingly. You might consider taking a taxi or renting a minibus for the whole family during the trip.

4. Accommodation

How to rent a hotel with the whole family? You can split small groups into separate rooms. However, many hotels have a family room that allows many people to stay, and it is cheaper to rent many rooms. You may consider this suggestion. In addition, in big cities of Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or Da Nang, Airbnb service is also strongly developed. You can use this service to rent an apartment for families. In other cities or provinces, if you want to rent a private apartment or homestay, use Luxstay to book.

Going with the elderly, it should not choose hotels near too noisy places, which will affect their sleep.

5. Entertainment activities

Always create a happy atmosphere during the Vietnam trip, especially trips with older people. Traveling with many generations in the family will definitely have minor unpleasant things due to the generation gap. To create a happy atmosphere, try to understand and follow the will of the elders or children. Choose places and activities that all generations can join.

Above all, during traveling, always have to keep an eye on older people and children, to promptly detect arising problems if any and solve immediately.
And finally, take lots of pictures for the whole family!

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