9 vibrant and unique festivals in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that does not own a large area, but contains a long and unique culture from over 54 ethnic groups living throughout the country. Partly because of that, Vietnam has about 8, 000 big and small festivals happening all year round, spreading throughout the country, in which folk festivals account for the largest number. Therefore, when traveling to Vietnam, in addition to visiting the landscape, visitors should not ignore the vibrant and unique festivals of this country.


1. Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year Festival)
Lunar New Year Festival (called Tet in short name) is the most important festival of the Vietnamese people. Having for a long time, but until now, Tet is still a unique beauty, a traditional characteristic of Vietnamese culture. This festival starts from the 1st to the 3rd of the 1st lunar month every year, however, the Lunar New Year holiday usually lasts from 7 to 10 days. On this occasion, there are many meaningful customs and practices of Vietnamese people in order to pray for a good, lucky and prosperous new year. This is also the occasion for the family to reunite and visit friends and relatives.
2. Lim Festival
Hoi Lim is a big festival in early spring held from the 12th to 14th of the first month every lunar year in Tien Du district of Bac Ninh province in northern Vietnam. On the main festival (January 13), tourists will see the communion procession extending up to nearly one kilometer with a large number of people participating in the ancient, colorful and festive costume. Here, you can enjoy Bac Ninh Quan Ho folk songs, a world intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO, some folk games such as martial arts, cockfighting, wrestling, human chess, cooking.
3. Giong Temple Festival
An additional intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam is the Giong Temple festival, held from the 6th to 8th of the first lunar month to commemorate a Vietnamese hero of legend named Thanh Giong. This festival is held in two places, in Thanh Giong's hometown, which is Phu Dong village in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, and in where Thanh Giong flight back to heaven that is Soc Son District, Hanoi. This festival is performed by a unique symbol system, deeply imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity, preserved intact by the community until today.
4. Huong Pagoda Festival
Huong Pagoda Festival in My Duc District (Hanoi) took place from January to March of the lunar year is an outstanding beauty in the tradition and spiritual culture of Vietnamese people. Every occasion at the beginning of the New Year, visitors will pour into Huong pagoda to celebrate the festival. Tourists come here not only to admire the majestic landscapes, but also to pray for peace and fortune for their whole family.
5. Hung King Temple Festival
On the 10th of the third lunar month is the Hung Temple Festival, which is also known as Hung Kings Anniversary at Hung Temple, Phu Tho Province, a large festival to commemorate and show gratitude to the Hung Kings, the first kings of Vietnam. Some weeks before the main day, the festival takes place with many folk cultural activities and ended on March 10 of the lunar month with the procession and incense offering at Thuong Temple.
6. Mid-Autumn Festival
On the full moon day of the eighth lunar month, the whole country of Vietnam rejoiced in organizing Mid-Autumn Festival with the meaning of unionists. In Vietnam, children are looking forward to welcoming this Festival, and the central areas are often decorated with brilliant lanterns. On this occasion, each Vietnamese family will prepare a full tray of moon cakes, candies, fruits... which are arranged and shaped beautifully, so that the whole family can eat when watching the moon.
7. International firework festival
In 2019, it was the 10th time Da Nang city of Vietnam successfully organized the international fireworks festival, with the participation of many countries around the world such as the US, Japan, Canada, Italy, China, France, Australia... The festival usually lasts one month between April and July, the specific time depends on the year. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the impressive fireworks performances on the Han River, accompanied by much great music, entertainment and performance shows.
8. Da Lat Flower Festival
Da Lat Flower Festival is held every 2 years in December in Da Lat city. On the days of the festival, a lot of space in the city will be decorated and styled by fresh flowers, in which there are many precious flowers that only Da Lat has. This will be a festival not to be missed for those who love flowers, love nature and enjoy sightseeing. There are also many other activities such as fairs, exhibitions, art programs, music and dance programs...

9. Hue Arts Festival
Hue Festival is a great cultural event held in Hue in even years in order to honor the Hue cultural heritage. This is a place of convergence and exchange of cultural arts among the countries in the world, in order to promote international exchange relations, introduce and promote Vietnamese cultural characteristics, as well as tourism development. The festival includes many community festival programs that are reconstructed with a large space both inside and outside the city, contributing to reviving the cultural values of Hue.