Best Time to Visit the Central of Vietnam

Nature is quite favorable when giving the Central of Vietnam many famous landscapes. Accordingly, just research and through the Central Map, it is easy to find great tourist places here. Possessing many landscapes recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, along with countless delicious dishes, Central Vietnam is truly made up of outstanding things. This article will give you some suggestions on the best time to visit the Central of Vietnam.

Best Time to Visit the Central of Vietnam

The climate of Central Vietnam

Similar to the South of Vietnam, the climate of Central Vietnam is divided into 2 main seasons: rainy and dry seasons, but the time of each season is different from the South.
  • Dry season (from January to August): the weather is particularly dry and hot with low humidity due to the effect of Lao’s wind.
  • Rainy season (from September to December): rain is heavy and frequent, with the rainfall accounting for 68-75% of the rainfall in the year. This time also has a lot of tropical typhoons.

Best time to visit Da Nang – Hoi An

Da Nang is the first place you must visit in Central Vietnam. This is one of the three largest cities in Vietnam, and also the most beautiful and worth living city in the country. Da Nang has enough river, mountain and sea landscapes for tourists to explore. Combined with the Da Nang trip, you can also visit Hoi An Ancient Town to admire the ancient and unique architecture here, or Hue - ancient capital famous for its cultural heritages and Vietnamese traditional culture. The best time to visit these places is from April to August, because at this time, it is sunny and less rain so it is extremely convenient for sightseeing as well as outdoor play activities.

Best time to visit Da Lat

Dalat in the Central Highlands is dubbed "The city of eternal spring" and is an ideal vacation destination for the suffocating South, to escape from the heat of a tropical country. This city is a perfect combination of romantic lakes, immense pine forests, majestic mountains and charming valleys. The weather in Da Lat is cool and refreshing during all the year, so tourists can plan to visit it at any time. December to March is the time when flowers bloom most in this city.

Best time to visit Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city famous in many world magazines with world-class beaches, an ideal destination for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts around the world. If you want to visit Nha Trang, it is advised to avoid the rainy season, which takes place from September to December. The rain will make your journey to exploring the sea less attractive. If you are a diving lover, consider coming to Nha Trang in the time from February to April, because it is the time seawater is clearest, helping you to see all the beautiful underwater scenery and creatures.

Best time to visit Quy Nhon – Phu Yen

Being a city of sunshine, wind and pristine beaches stretching endlessly, visiting Quy Nhon - Phu Yen, you will probably feel the beauty of this coastal city, the blue sea, and the golden sand. There is considered as "Jeju Island" of Vietnam. Although Quy Nhon – Phu Yen has two distinct seasons that is dry season and rainy season, but in the rainy season, these places are not affected much by floods and storms so you can travel here any time you want. May to September is the time the weather is most ideal and the sea is clearest.

Best time to visit Quang Binh

Quang Binh is a name that has not been strange to domestic as well as foreign tourists, with the world-famous cave system. It is known for Son Doong Caves (the largest natural cave in the world), Phong Nha Caves (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Nhat Le Beach. For people who like adventure experiences, the dry season (from April to August) is perfect for excursion exploring the nature of Quang Binh. It is advised not to visit Quang Binh in September and October because this is the flooding season, and your Vietnam trip may have unexpected situations.