Famous markets should not be missed when traveling to Vietnam

Any visitor to Vietnam would like to visit the local markets, to learn about the life of indigenous people and especially to buy unique souvenirs. Remember 5 famous markets not to be missed when traveling to Vietnam below. These are famous markets in Vietnam, with a long history of establishment and development, bringing unique cultural features.

Famous markets should not be missed when traveling to Vietnam

1. Dong Xuan market
If traveling to Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention Dong Xuan Market. This is one of the largest markets in Hanoi with hundreds of stalls. With a long history from the Nguyen Dynasty, the market today sells everything from clothes, shoes, household appliances, to food. However, most of the goods here only have good prices when buying in bulk. Tourists can buy souvenirs at the outermost shops of the market. Around Dong Xuan Market, there are also many small eateries with certain delicious dishes that must enjoy when coming to Hanoi.

Recently, Dong Xuan Market also opens night markets every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 18-23 pm. People come here not only for shopping purposes but also to enjoy the bustling atmosphere, and feel of Hanoi's lifestyle.
2. Hoi An night market
Coming to Hoi An peaceful and ancient without trying to explore the night market is a very unfortunate thing. It is no coincidence that Hoi An was named one of the 20 best places to live on the planet. If Hoi An daytime gives visitors the feeling of sediment, ancient, when night falls, the old town exudes a shimmering poetic beauty.

Hoi An Night Market located on Nguyen Hoang Street, TP. Hoi An, Quang Nam concentrates nearly 50 stalls with goods and sophisticated crafts of indigenous people. Besides, the food street is extremely bustling with many specialties such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, chicken rice... promising to bring visitors interesting experiences.
3. Dalat Night Market
Dalat Night Market is also known as Am Phu Market because people often meet at 2-3 am in the market under the creeping oil lamp, hidden in the fog. When coming to the market, visitors will be surprised by the warm, bustling and joyful atmosphere, in contrast to the name that evokes association to the cold.

If traveling to Dalat, visitors must definitely visit the night market. In the evening, the market sells a variety of items such as sweaters, silk scarves, Dalat specialties... All of them are quite cheap prices, so it attracts a large number of tourists from everywhere. The market also has a vibrant food court with popular dishes. At night, as the weather gets colder, the city is shrouded in misty fog, the market will become a paradise of delicious baked goods.
4. Ben Thanh market
If Hanoi has a busy Dong Xuan market, Ho Chi Minh City has a famous Ben Thanh market. With ample space and lots of items for sale, the market is an ideal place for travelers to stroll, admire, shop for local products and enjoy delicious - healthy - cheap street food of three regions. This is a place that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to explore the unique features and lifestyle of the magnificent city of Saigon.

5. Phu Quoc night market
Dinh Cau Night Market is the most popular night market in the evening in Phu Quoc. The market has up to 100 stalls spread across Vo Thi Sau Street, so visitors can freely choose their favorite items, from unique items to fresh cuisine. In addition, the market also sells a lot of typical Phu Quoc items such as fish sauce, pepper, sim wine and other types of seafood caught and processed by the people here.