The charm of Vietnam tourism in the eyes of foreign visitors

Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi... have affirmed their appeal by constantly being honored on world-famous travel sites. Happy Lifestyle Journal shared about the great things that foreign tourists often offer Vietnam tourism such as "friendly country", "cheap destinations... So what makes the S-shaped land become attractive to many international tourists?

The charm of Vietnam tourism in the eyes of foreign visitors

Beautiful landscape
The S-shaped country is small, but there are so many beautiful scenes that always make many tourists come here are surprised by the unique charm that each place brings. Along the country there are thousands of historical sites, temples, pagodas, attractive landscapes as well as entertainment and shopping areas. These include Ha Long Bay - the world natural heritage, Hoi An with the ancient streets of an ancient Vietnam, or Da Lat - a dreamland like a miniature European village …

With a long coastline of 3, 260km and over 3, 000 islands, Vietnam owns many sea tourism destinations in the rankings of famous foreign websites or magazines, from the famous tourist destinations such as Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Nui Ne, Phu Quoc... to some newly emerging beaches such as Binh Ba, Binh Lap, Nam Du... According to many tourists, Vietnam tourism is one of the most ideal sea paradise in Asia in general and Southeast Asia in particular. Amazing beauty of the green beaches, sunshine and coconut trees in the wind have created a sweet charm that attracts many people who visit.
Diverse street food
Commenting on Vietnamese cuisine, CNNgo wrote: “America has created mobile restaurants but Vietnam is the street food paradise. Nowhere else is there such a diverse culinary culture. ” Cuisine is considered one of the important factors that keep Vietnamese tourists coming to this country. Every city, countryside, village has its own specialties. And it is thanks to the variety of dishes with many flavors and different ways of enjoying that has partly made Vietnam a culinary paradise among international visitors.

But perhaps, one of the interesting points, making Vietnamese cuisine in the hearts of foreign visitors, is diverse street food. In addition to Pho and Banh Mi, which has become famous, the S-shaped land has countless dishes prepared according to "family secrets" waiting for visitors to explore. Most of the dishes are very cheap, suitable for walking and sipping or sitting right on the sidewalk to enjoy.
Many fascinating festivals
Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups with all kinds of beliefs and religions. Whether at the national level or only on a small scale by village, festivals are also held very solemnly and clearly show the value of Vietnamese culture. Some festivals that left a strong impression on international visitors about Vietnam's tourism are traditional Tet, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Hung Kings' Commemoration Day…
Friendly person
Hanoi people are elegant and sweet for thousands of years, Hue people are captivated by the affection and tenderness in every gesture and word, Central people are honest, Southern people are liberal and generous. It can be seen that the friendliness and harmony of the people here have been considered as one of the many reasons to keep tourists coming to this beautiful Vietnamese land.
Arriving in each different region, visitors will feel the lovely sides of the different Vietnamese people. Regardless of the circumstances, Vietnamese tourists can easily meet the gentle and fresh smiles of sincere and rustic people. They are all ready to help when you encounter difficulties, although they are not very good at foreign languages.

Low cost
Compared to other countries, Vietnam was voted as a more affordable and comfortable destination than many countries in the world. Living costs and tickets for visiting landscapes here are often cheaper than many countries around the world. For only $10/day, you can comfortably eat and visit tourist attractions. From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, visitors will enjoy beautiful beaches, attractive dishes with affordable prices.