The Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in Vietnam

Vietnam with hidden and endless beauty has never been attractive to foreign tourists. Each place on this magical land has its own beauty, where visitors can discover and admire the privileges of nature for Vietnam. If Vietnam is one of the destinations in your future plan, don’t miss the top 5 most beautiful places in Vietnam below.

1. Ha Long Bay
For many years, Ha Long Bay has become a symbol of Vietnam tourism due to being recognized as one of Seven World Natural Heritage by UNESCO. It is complex in the North of Vietnam, consisting of thousands of large and small islands and many spectacular limestone cave systems created by nature. Any visitor who visits this place will be overwhelmed by its magic and unique beauty Ha Long Bay is also considered as a pearl in Northern Vietnam, the perfect masterpiece of nature.

Halong bay

2. Sa Pa
If you want to enjoy the cool, fresh mountain air and love the adventurous experience, Sa Pa will be a destination you cannot ignore. Sa Pa is a highland town in northwestern Vietnam, where there is and beautiful terraced fields, stretching as staircases rising to the sky. Experiencing to climb to Fanxipan, the highest peak in Indochina, also is an interesting challenge. With the majestic and poetic natural landscapes, mysterious markets, rich and unique cuisine, Sa Pa has "fascinated" most visitors when coming here.


3. Da Nang
Dubbed as the most livable city in Vietnam, Da Nang has enough river, sea and mountain scenery for visitors to explore. Da Nang is famous for the poetic Han River, many pristine beaches, or Ba Na Hills with French colonial architecture, and especially the legendary Golden Bridge appearing throughout the international newspaper recently. It is a paradise that can meet all entertainment needs for anyone, even the most fastidious guests. If visit Da Nang between June and July, visitors also have opportunities to enjoy stunning international fireworks festival.

Da Nang

4. Hoi An
Not far from Da Nang is Hoi An Ancient Town, a World Heritage recognized by UNESCO since 1999. Located on Vietnam's famous central heritage road, Hoi An (Quang Nam) is a must-check destination of many tourists. The ancient mossy landscape with charming beauty here will bring unforgettable memories to anyone who has ever arrived. In general, the architectural works here have their own nuances, with a combination of Vietnamese - Chinese - Japanese and Western styles. At night, Hoi An is beautifully sparkling with lanterns stretching across the street, a beauty in the culture of Vietnamese people.

Hoi An

5. The Mekong Delta
Exploring the Mekong Delta will definitely be a special experience that visitors cannot find in other countries. This also called the Vietnam Southern Delta or the Vietnam Southwest region. Due to the long coastline, and rivers divided into many canals and islands, this place is a tourist destination with many things to discover. In addition to enjoying the most delicious and freshest fruit parties right in the garden, traveling to the Mekong River Delta, you can admire the unique floating markets with new and interesting dishes along the river.

Mekong Delta

How many above places have you visited in your Vietnam journey? Vietnam also has many other things and sceneries that are waiting for you to explore.