Top 10 tips for traveling to Vietnam with kids

Nowadays, giving children to travel is a top priority for many families. The trips to other places are good opportunities for children to discover new things about the world around, also helping parents to understand and share with children more, thereby making family love more sticking. But traveling with kids' need preparation, and here are 10 tips to make your trip to Vietnam with kids successful.

travel in vietnam with kids children


1. Select the appropriate destination
Depending on your child's age, you should consider the most appropriate travel destination and transportation. Children under 2 years of age should not move too much for a short time, so you should temporarily skip discovery places and adventurous trips. Instead, choose a resort or a park with a space for playing, a garden, a swimming pool... Children will not only play with their parents but also be exposed to nature.

After you select your destination, make a reservation in advance and inform the hotel about having children going with you, so that the hotel is well prepared for your family, such as a crib in the room, child dining chairs, or other special offers for children of the hotel.
Vietnam destinations for children: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc.

2. Prepare before departure
Family travel, especially with young children, there are many things to prepare. You should arrange furniture neatly and choose clothes and items for children that are suitable for the weather. Hats, glasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, insect repellent cream exclusively for children are indispensable. Be more careful, bring some medicine, fever-reducing paste, anti-diarrhea medicine, personal gauze bandages...

A trolley is also an essential item when bringing children to travel. Choose a compact, foldable trolley, and if your schedule is mainly public transport, consider carrying sling instead of the trolley to easily get on and off the train or car.
3. Booking basic and essential services
Family travel necessarily requires you to schedule as much detail as possible. The schedule should have blank time between destinations for you and your baby to have a break. And do not forget to consult all the transportation options to make your trip easy and comfortable.
Once you have a schedule, start booking the services you will use, so you can ensure you don’t forget, miss or have problems before the departure date.
4. Pack your luggage carefully
When traveling with kids, there will be a lot of things to pack. A tip for you is to arrange separate luggage for your children, including things like milk bottles, weaning food, diapers... You need to prepare one more handbag of important things during the trip such as snack cake, milk, water, paper towels, clothes…

Most importantly, don't forget to bring documents of both parents and baby. This is necessary for flying, staying and visiting some attractions.

5. Hunting vouchers when buying multiple services
Usually, companies, hotels, or destinations often offer many incentive programs for family travel or buying multiple services. Therefore, if traveling with your family, you should find out if the place you go has these programs to save costs for the whole family.
6. What to bring to the baby?
Bring your kid's daily blanket and pillow. When sleeping in a hotel, this will be very useful when your kids are strange with bed and don’t sleep well. Bring baby’s favorite toys, to make your baby feel better when he/she cries.
If your baby is still breastfeeding, you need to bring enough milk for your day out. If your baby reaches the age of weaning, you should bring a cup, spoon, weaning meal, instant porridge, yogurt... to avoid the case of not buying baby food at the tourist place.
7. Consider choosing transportation
When traveling, there are many transportation for you to choose. At the time of departure, you should choose the means that are fast, convenient and healthy so that the whole family can have fun after arriving at the tourist destination. During the trip, you may consider choosing a private vehicle or public transport.
However, consider your schedule, your baby's health and age to coordinate both types of vehicles. Some vehicles in Vietnam you might consider are bus, taxi, train, grab... However, depending on the distance and walking distance from the hotel to the station and the station to the destination, choose the appropriate one.
8. Choose activities to play with your baby
There are a lot of activities that every parent wants for children to participate, however, choose the best for your child's age. In tourist areas, there are usually amusement parks, museums, or outdoor entertainment activities on the street that children can visit and join. Parents can research the information about these on the Internet first or ask the hotel where you will be staying, they will suggest the appropriate activity.
9. Check the weather before departure
This is the most important thing if you want a nice trip. Check the weather to avoid the sun or rain. You will not want to cancel your schedule, and your baby will catch a cold or be stuck in unpleasant weather. Always bring hats, a raincoat, and an umbrella to cover the rain and sunshine for your whole family.

10. Always pay attention to your children
The age of children is extremely curious age, so children are easily distracted when going out by new and cute things. Baby will easily follow cute, familiar characters or something attractive. Therefore, parents need to keep an eye on your children when they don’t hold your hand and always keep the kid's hand to make sure they are always with you.