Top 5 most attractive cities in Vietnam must come once in a lifetime

It is not difficult to find beautiful and magnificent destinations everywhere in the territory of Vietnam. But what about a destination that is not only beautiful, but also youthful, culturally diverse and also very charming? Here are the top 5 most attractive cities in Vietnam that must come once in a lifetime.

Top 5 most attractive cities in Vietnam must come once in a lifetime

1. Sa Pa - the city in the fog
Sa Pa is the land all year round with windy mountains and clouds. This place is known as the Northwest paradise, one of the most attractive cities in Vietnam. With the ancient features of the beautiful small town hidden in the valley, the winding roads; majestic mountains with pure white mist, or villages lying in the immense field... Sa Pa has made many people passionate.
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Sapa in any season is beautiful, with its own unique landscape, from the brilliant flower gardens, the unique terraced fields to the houses covered with white snow. Therefore, visitors can come here to travel at any time of the year.
2. Da Nang - a worth-living coastal city
Da Nang - the central land possesses many famous landscapes and beautiful landscapes. Today, Da Nang has taken advantage of that strength and deserves to be the tourism city - the most attractive city in Vietnam.

Tourist destinations that you cannot ignore when coming to Da Nang such as watching the romantic night on the Han River, visiting Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hills Mountain Ecology, visiting the famous Non Nuoc stone carving village, immersing in the clear blue water and watch the beautiful sunset at My Khe beach...
3. Dalat - the city of thousands of flowers
Possessing poetic and charming natural landscapes, Da Lat is known as a city of fog; the city of pine forests, the city of hills, streams, lakes and waterfalls. Dalat is also known as the paradise of dreams, heaven of love, heaven of festivals and heaven of flowers. Therefore, up to now, Dalat is still one of the charming and romantic cities that everyone dreams of once coming to.

Besides the beauty bestowed by nature, Dalat city is also very famous for its architecture. Many scholars and researchers have said that Dalat was the miniature Paris of Vietnam with many works and villas with unique architecture, which is French style, nobility, elegance and not less glamorous.
4. Nha Trang - the city of resort paradise
Immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, lie on the smooth sandy shore to admire the clouds or sky or catch the beautiful natural moments,.. is what everyone wishes to be done once in a lifetime in Nha Trang - the city of resort paradise.

Rows of green trees, floating clouds floating in the sky, with long, attractive, blue and immense coastline, the coastal city of Nha Trang has made visitors fall in love right at the first sight. Nha Trang has always been a great rendezvous for tourists from all over the world!
5. Vung Tau - a beautiful coastal city
Vung Tau is a tourist and commercial center with fresh beaches, warm temperatures, long stretches of golden sand, along with the romantic mountains and attractive islands.

In particular, Ho Coc beach in Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province is one of the places that make up the beauty of Vung Tau. It attracts visitors by the pure white sand, the rows of green trees and especially the sunny blue sea - a beautiful place for impressive photos. Also, do not miss Con Dao with its pristine, mystery but extremely beautiful. This island is really a "fairyland" in the vast sky.