Vietnam Visa Application Guide for Tourists

In recent years, Vietnam has been an extremely attractive destination for foreign visitors. If you intend to travel to Vietnam, this article will provide you with detailed instructions on applying for a Vietnam tourist visa.

Vietnam Visa Application Guide for Tourists

What do you need to do before applying for a Vietnam visa?

Before applying for Vietnam visa, remember to do 3 steps below:

1. Find out if you need a visa
Before your trip, check Vietnam visa policy to find out if you need a visa, because Vietnam waives visa for many countries and maybe your country in one of these countries.
Countries are exempted from visa with ordinary passports:
  • ASEAN countries: 30 days (except Brunei 14 days, Myanmar 14 days, Philippines 21days)
  • Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom: 15 days
  • Chile: 90 days
  • Kyrgyzstan: 30 days
2. Find out where you want to obtain your visa
You can obtain a tourist visa at the Vietnam Embassy, take E-visa or Visa on arrival. Depending on the type of visa you choose, the procedure and the time of issuance will be different.

3. Check your passport
Make sure your passport is valid. According to Vietnam’s regulation, passport validity must be at least 01 months longer than the applied visa validity. However, many airlines require passport validity of at least 06 months for eligibility. Therefore, please check your passport validity as well as blank visa pages carefully before applying for a visa.

Vietnam Visa application guide

Step 1:
Foreigners should contact and request the agency to handle procedures for visa approval document issued by the Immigration Department. If foreigners have friends or relatives who are Vietnamese, foreigners can ask them to register this approval document.

Step 2:
Foreigners receive an official letter of entry (scanned) via email in the case of receiving a visa at the airport, embassy/consulate or the original letter in case of entry at the land border gate.

Step 3:
Foreigners fill in an application form with an attached photo (fill online at or download PDF form of the Embassy’s website)

Step 4:
Presenting travel documents (application form (if fill in PDF form) + original passport + official letter of entry for travel) at the place of receiving the visa (international airports of Vietnam or Vietnam's diplomatic mission)

Step 5:
Paying visa fees and obtaining your visa at the visa receiving place (Embassy/Consulate, Vietnam International Airport, or the land border gate depending on the place you register).

Taking E-visa
Another simple way to take Vietnam’s visa is to register E-visa, an online visa approval process available to citizens of 80 countries.
You just need to visit the website, fulfill required information (and pay fees online 25$). After 3 working days, you can check the result on the website. If being approved, please print E-visa to enter/exit Vietnam.

TIP: Make sure you remember or save your registration code which is sent after you fulfill the information, because you will use it to check and download your visa if your application is approved.

Applying for a visa with an agency

If you are afraid of a complicated procedure and do not have enough time to submit an application form to the Embassy/ Consulate/ Vietnam's diplomatic mission, you can contact with an agency, pay an additional fee and they will do all for you.