What the Vietnamese Eat for Breakfast - 10 Popular Local Breakfasts

With the variety of Vietnamese cuisine, not only the main meal but breakfast also has countless options. Discover 7 popular breakfast dishes that Vietnamese people often eat!
What the Vietnamese Eat for Breakfast - 10 Popular Local Breakfasts

1. Bánh mì
Although the dish was newly introduced and formed during the French colonial period, with its creativity, the Vietnamese have created a very unique and attractive Vietnamese bread. In the form of convenient and popular food, Bánh mì is present in every region of Vietnam, and each region has a different recipe. Specifically, Bánh mì can be served with eggs, pate, shrimp, spring rolls, chicken, herbs... In some areas there are strange variations such as fish cake bread, beef bread... In addition, the price of bread is also very popular, on average from 10, 000 to 20, 000 VND that you have good quality Bánh mì to start the day.

2. Xôi
Equally popular like Bánh Mì is Xôi. This traditional dish of ancient times was simply cooked with beans, peanuts, but now it becomes more diversified and qualified with a lot of other side dishes like braised meat, eggs, xa xiu, fried chicken... Xôi is sold everywhere, from street vendors to street shops, with the price ranging from 5, 000 to 20, 000 VND.

3. Bánh Cuốn
Bánh Cuốn is a kind of rice cake coated with rice flour and characterized by soft, thin layers of cake. This food can be coated with flour then add a thin layer of onion fat on, then dot with fish sauce mixed. But the most popular is the hot cake with minced meat filling. Bánh Cuốn in the North can eat with spring rolls, barbecue, while Bánh Cuốn in the South can eat with spring rolls, spring rolls, sour meatball and even some raw vegetables.

4. Phở
The most famous and popular dish in Vietnam is Phở. Starting the morning with a bowl of aromatic, smoky noodles is a habit of many people. A bowl of phở does not have too many ingredients, including a soft of Phở noodle, a little beef or chicken, adding a hot broth and scallions, but to cook a delicious Pho is very complicated and requires a secret or recipe. Phở in the North and South of Vietnam is quite different, especially the spice.

5. Bún Chả
Bún Chả is a favorite dish of the Northern people besides Phở. Different from Phở which is flat noodles, Bún consists of smaller and round noodles. The most famous in the North is Bún Chả served with grilled meat and herbs. In addition, there are many other types of water Bún that visitors can choose, served with cows, chicken, sausages...

6. Bún bò Huế
Although being a typical dish of Hue, but recently, Bún bò Huế (Hue beef noodle) has become a popular dish in many regions of Vietnam. Bùn bò Huế is complicatedly and carefully cooked. A bowl of Bún bò Huế will consist of pork rolls, shrimp rolls, cooked pork blood and a piece of raw vegetables. Depending on the place, Bún bò Huế will have different side dishes, but the standard Bún Bò Huê can make you confused because of the excessive amount of side dishes, to offset the energy for the whole day of working.

7. Mì Quảng
In Quang Nam, nothing is more popular than Mì Quảng (Quang noodles). This dish is even popular that almost every Quang Nam citizen knows how to cook. Quang noodles are quite diverse in flavor, including Quang chicken noodles, Quang beef noodles, Quang fish noodles, and even frog noodles. Like many typical dishes of the Central people, Quang noodles are mixed food, so the amount of water used in each bowl is very little and the amount of raw vegetables eaten is a lot.

8. Bò kho
If you prefer high-quality and high-protein dishes, Bò kho is the one that cannot be ignored in many Central provinces or Saigon. This dish is served in a cast-iron pan or bowl with large pieces of beef, thinly sliced and processed steak. In addition, this dish also has hot dogs, eggs, sauces accompanied by crispy hot toast.

9. Hủ tiếu
Water dishes are always a priority for breakfast. If in the North, Bún will be preferred, the South will be Hủ tiếu. This dish is thought to have originated from Cambodia but now there are many attractive variants, including squid Hủ tiếu, beef Hủ tiếu or the most famous Nam Vang Hủ tiếu. Tasty noodles with sweet broth are really the favorite start of Saigon people.

10. Cơm Tấm
Usually people only eat rice for meals, but Saigon people and some central provinces have a preference for eating Cơm Tấm for breakfast. Cơm Tấm consists of rice, a piece of grilled ribs, a piece of egg rolls, fried eggs with a bowl of soup. Even more interesting, besides breakfast, people can eat this dish for both lunch, dinner or late night.

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