What to Eat in Vietnam

The cuisine is one of the proudest things of Vietnam and makes a brand for Vietnam tourism. The diversity in Vietnamese culture has created a variety in regional cuisine. There are many special dishes which are not only favorite food of Vietnamese people, but also are loved and praised by foreign tourists. Check out the top 5 most popular Vietnamese dishes that are most impressive and praised in the world press.
What to Eat in Vietnam
1. Pho
What Vietnamese food is located on the world cuisine map? That is Pho- the most famous delicacy in Vietnam according to CNN's recognition, topping the list of best Vietnamese delicacies in world newspapers.

Pho is a popular traditional dish of Hanoi people. You may find Pho in a lot of provinces or cities of Vietnam, but nowhere will bring the best taste like in Hanoi. Pho is a type of hot Vietnamese rice flat noodle soup, served with beef or chicken and vegetables. The broth is the secret making the deliciousness of Pho. The broth is handed down from generation to generation, made from many different ingredients and take a long time to cook. Pho contains a lot of the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, and then just enjoy it once, people will keep remembering its special taste.
2. Bun Cha
According to the world-famous travel site, National Geographic, Bun Cha Hanoi was listed in the top 10 most delicious street food in the world. And even Barack Obama President chose Bun Cha for his lunch on his business trip to Vietnam.

It is easy for visitors to find Bun Cha on street food stores or big restaurants of Hanoi. And only in Hanoi, you can enjoy Bun Cha with the best original flavor. Bun Cha is also made from rice like Pho, but with round noodles, served with hot grilled pork, vegetables and special Vietnamese fish sauce which is sweet and sour. The way to make Bun Cha is extremely sophisticated, and the secret that creates a delicious flavor of this dish is in the recipe for making grilled pork and sauce. The hot pork eaten with sweet and sour sauce will make everyone remember this taste right from the first time trying.
3. Banh Mi
Banh Mi (in Vietnamese) or Vietnamese baguette is also in the list of most popular Vietnamese dishes. Banh Mi Vietnam has really created an impression, even a new craze of street food in lots of famous world travel or cuisine websites and even celebrity bloggers. This food in 2014 was among the top 20 best street food in the world voted by Huffington Post magazine.

There are many different recipes for the filling of Banh Mi. They can fill the bread with fried eggs, ruoc (salted shredded meat), grilled pork, chicken, pate, cha lua, fish, cucumber, carrot, some other vegetables… Banh Mi Vietnam in each region will have a different recipe and flavor, but also have a full filling. And the best thing about Banh Mi is its convenience, fresh, and tastefulness.
4. Banh Cuon
Another Vietnam famous dish made from rice, the soul of many great Vietnamese dishes, is Banh Cuon. This is a kind of food which has a long history and has become a popular dish throughout Vietnam.

To make the cover sheets for this dish, a special type of water rice flour will be spread thinly on the surface of the fabric and steamed. Then, people put in it chopped pork and shrimp, with cooked fungus and mushrooms, and wrap the sheet into a roll. Banh Cuon is also served with fried onion, cha lua and sweet fish sauce (a Vietnamese food made from pork). Vietnamese people often use Banh Cuon for breakfast, but it can be used for other meals. Visitors will definitely like the soft taste of this dish.
5. Spring Roll
In 2015, CNN announced poll results of the list of countries with the most favorite cuisine voted by tourists, Vietnam and spring rolls was in this list. It surpasses hundreds of local dishes to become one of the most popular and tasty dishes loved by both residents and foreigners.

There are two main popular types of spring roll in Vietnam that fried spring rolls and fresh shrimp and pork rolls. In traditional fried spring rolls, people will cut and mix lean pork, eggs, glass noodle, onions, mushrooms, fish sauce, peppers and salt together, then use rice paper to wrap this filling and fry. Some places can make this dish from seafood or fruit. For fresh spring roll, the filling is cooked so people can eat immediately without frying. If visiting Vietnam, you must try this special dish.
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