Top 5 Places to Spend your Christmas in Vietnam

Are you going to be in Vietnam over the Christmas period? Are you looking for advice on where the best place to spend Christmas day would be? Read this article, and you will have the best choice for your Christmas this year! We suggest you the top 5 places to spend your Christmas in Vietnam.

Top 5 Places to Spend your Christmas in Vietnam

1. Sa Pa
Sa Pa is an ideal place for people who want to enjoy a standard European Christmas season. Where every winter comes, Sapa is sunk in the cold and snow, which make this romantic town like a miniature Europe of Vietnam. Coming to Sa Pa on the busy Christmas days, you will feel as you are in a beautiful city in the West.
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Sapa in the Christmas is as beautiful as a picture of wearing water. There are ancient houses hidden behind the white mist, snow covering almost the rooftops and streets of the town, and then the colorful lights spread across the paths. People will gather at Stone Church, to enjoy the atmosphere of the new season, to peacefully pray for happiness in the following days. Sa Pa will bring to visitors an extremely romantic Christmas atmosphere that you cannot find in other places.

2. Hanoi
Hanoi on Christmas days has a very unique beauty, blending between the modern space of commercial centers and the quiet space of the old town. Perhaps because of that, Hanoi attracts a lot of foreign tourists when Noel returns. There are a lot of places to visit on this occasion, such as Hang Ma Street, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, or big commercial centers.

Hang Ma Street
Hang Ma is listed in one of the most beautiful Christmas locations in Hanoi. Located in Hanoi Old Quarter, on the adjacent days of Christmas, Hang Ma Street becomes more bustling with the colors of red, yellow and white of items such as Santa's hat, coat or decorative items for Christmas tree. When the city lights up, it is also the time when Hang Ma Street is bright in all colors, attracting residents and tourists to visit and buy beautiful decorations.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral
As the center of Catholic activities in Hanoi and its surrounding areas, St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hoan Kiem District is often the place to attract the most visitors during the Christmas season. Modern and sophisticated decorative items with colorful lights make the cathedral more gorgeous in the cold night. Because the number of people flocking here is very large, so to have a seat to attend Christmas night, you must be present very early. You can then go along Hoan Kiem Lake to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and delicious food.

Commercial centers
Talking about entertainment places in Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention big commercial centers such as Vincom, Royal City, Times City, Aeon Mall... All of them are decorated extremely prominently and sophisticatedly, from Santa Claus, big pine trees to lovely mascots, or glittering hanging lights. These centers are great and perfect places to enjoy Christmas and take beautiful photos.

3. Da Nang – Hoi An
Christmas makes Danang beautiful, a combination of modern and ancient beauty, making visitors want to stop to enjoy the full Noel atmosphere here. Almost every road, shops, hotels and houses are decorated splendidly to welcome Christmas. Each place has a different style and concept, but all can make people feel the joys and happiness. Danang Cathedral, Protestant Church in Ong Ich Khiem Street and Ba Na Hills are places for Christmas not to be missed when coming to this city.

About 30km from Danang is Hoi An Ancient Town with unique architecture that is a combination of 3 cultures: Vietnam - Japan - France. If you want to choose an ancient place with a cozy space for Christmas, Hoi An is a great choice. Brilliant lantern lights throughout the streets and stores will promise to bring a warm atmosphere to tourists.

4. Da Lat
Dalat is also a destination that cannot miss on Christmas, a place will make people dream of a fairy sky when Christmas arrives. Visitors can easily see the houses of 18th-century European architecture that will be decorated with brilliant colors. But perhaps Dalat is more beautiful on Christmas day when all over the foggy highland town was covered with colorful flowers. Flowers fills the streets, gardens and even small houses. Flowers and lights, flowers and reindeer, flowers and Santa…, all make Christmas become more romantic.

5. Ho Chi Minh City
It is said that Christmas must be cold, but perhaps it does not seem right for the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City (or Sai Gon). Saigon is hot and sunny all year round, bringing Noel a different style: bustling in the sweet sunshine of the day. These days, the whole city is filled with sparkling lights and flower, and the shops are full of colorful decorations to welcome a new season. You can visit some of the most exciting places below to celebrate Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City.

Notre-Dame Cathedral
Not only is the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, but Notre-Dame Cathedral is also one of the must-visit attractions in this city. Decorated meticulously and brightly, Notre Dame Cathedral attracts a large number of people to visit and pray on Christmas Eve. From here, you can easily move to surround streets to have fun and enjoy delicious food.

Chinese Town
If in Hanoi, there is Hang Ma Street, then in Ho Chi Minh City, there is a Chinese town on Hai Thuong Lan Ong street known for its beautiful and cheap stores of Christmas decorations. Not only come here to shop, but the visitors can also walk around this street to admire the scenery and take pictures at the stores selling decorations with thousands of light types blooming in the night.

Central district 1
Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Bui Vien Street, Ben Thanh Market, Sai Gon Centre and Parkson commercial center are outstanding places for tourists to spend their Christmas time. These locations are beautifully decorated and always crowded. According to many foreign visitors, the Christmas atmosphere in this area is not much different from Western countries.
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