Top First Vietnam Trip Tips To Make Your Trip Easy And Enjoyable

Vietnam is a beautiful country with lots of interesting landscapes stretching from the North to the South for visitors to explore. Once you arrive in this country, you will be impressed by its wonderful nature, friendly people and diverse culture. Are you planning to travel to Vietnam? Remember immediately fist trip tips below to make your trip easy and enjoyable, as well as limit unexpected risks.

Top First Vietnam Trip Tips To Make Your Trip Easy And Enjoyable

1. Prepare what to pack to Vietnam early
Think and arrange what you need to bring for your trip carefully. Don’t overpack or bring a lot because you can easily buy them in Vietnam. All you need are personal papers (passport, visa, ID card), money (VND or USD) or a card, personal items, medication if needed and the right clothes. Find out about places and weather before you come to make sure that you bring suitable clothes.

2. Be aware of Vietnam’s currency
The currency of Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong (VND). 1 USD is equal to approximately 23, 000 VND at the time of writing. It is advised for you to search carefully about the types of currency paper before you go, because dealing with many zeros can make you confused. Especially, some of the currency paper is very similar in color, so to avoid mistakes when paying Vietnamese Dong in Vietnam, make sure you be aware of all.

3. Watch out for public holidays
The longest holiday of Vietnam is Lunar New Year Holiday, which often lasts from 7 to 10 days at the end of January or the early of February. During this holiday, almost supermarket, stores, amusement parks, tourist holiday will not open. It’s better if you avoid this time to travel. You should also consider going on other short Vietnam public holidays, such as Hung Kings Commemorations (10th day of the 3rd lunar month), Reunification Day (April 30), International Workers' Day (May 1), National Day (September 2)…In this holiday, all tourist places will be very crowded and prices of services will be more expensive.

4. Know about Internet connection
A smartphone with an Internet connection is surely a great companion during your journey. Wi-Fi is available in hotels, coffee shops and restaurants in Vietnam. If want to use the Internet outside, buy a SIM card at the airport, hotel or some mobile store on the street. There are a lot of types SIM card (for data, for calls), with brands like Viettel or Vinaphone.

5. Go around Vietnam
Walking: Be careful when walking on the street in big cities in Vietnam like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, because traffic jam has become a serious problem there. At rush hour, there are so many transportations on the street, and it will be difficult for you to cross the road. Watch carefully and go slowly to ensure your safety.

Motorbike: This is an ideal choice to move to places in crowded cities in Vietnam. You can easily hire a motorbike at your hotel at a cheap price. If you have enough time and want to have a unique experience, you can even use a motorbike to explore from the North to the South! Or you can hire for yourself a motorbike driver by using Grab app.
Taxi: A choice for a group or move in the far distance. There are three big taxi brands that are Mai Linh, Taxi Group, and Vinasun. You can also book a taxi by Grab app. The price if booking through Grab is usually cheaper than traditional taxi.

Domestic flights: It’s the fastest way to travel between two regions because Vietnam is an elongated country. Vietnam Airline, Bamboo Airline, Jetstar and Vietjet Air is reputable airlines in Vietnam. Therein, Vietnam Airline and Bamboo Airline are high-quality brands.

Train: A cheap and safe way to travel at night. Want to have time to enjoy the scenery along the way? Let’s try going by train.

6. Learn some popular local language
Vietnamese people are quite friendly, but most of them are not confident in English speaking. So when asking someone a question, speak clearly and slowly to make sure that they understand what you are saying. Besides, learning some Vietnamese sentences also help you to be more welcomed, such as xin chào (hello), cám ơn (thank you), xin lỗi (sorry). Be open and friendly, then people will always smile with you.

7. Bargain when buying something
If you want to buy something on the street, or in a shop that doesn’t have a fixed price on each product, you should bargain with sellers. Normally, sellers often increase the price and if you know the tip to bargain, you can save a significant amount of money.

Knowing these above tips, your first trip to Vietnam will be more convenient!